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                Goodyear-Mold  Co. Ltd is a global company with sales support offices in Europe and North America and three  manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen China. 

                 • Plastic Injection Molds.(2K-Shot mold ,Overmold ,Precision Mold )

                 • Plastic Injection Products (Automotive, Medical  Industrial) 

                 •  IMD/IML Plastic  Injection Products . 





                Goodyear-Mold is ISO9001:2008/TS 16949 : 2009 Certified with 9000 squqre meters plant, Its  Research, Analysis Design and Product development has become specialists  in Mold and Product design based on Mold Flow Analysis.The Companies have become a well-known in the customized mold building industry and have enjoyed significant growth by providing competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and high quality.


                Tour our site right now for an introduction Goodyear Mold  Co. Ltd today to arrange a personal tour of our facilities and to experience our customer commitment firsthand! 

                Our Mission  

                To fulfill the demands of our customers for the highest quality of products and services on time and at the most competitive market price, through continuous improvement of employee skills, equipments, customer communication / interaction and material and process control.

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